USB receiver for system management

Based on proprietary Plug & Play RF networking protocol for simple network configuration.

Key features

Long-range wireless IoT
Easy deployment
Protected Wireless Connectivity
«Star» topology network
Long-range wireless IoT

LoRa is a low-power wireless platform and a core technology underpinning the Internet of Things (IoT). Boasts wide-area coverage and high signal penetration:

  • Up to 2 km in open areas
  • Up to 1 km in urban areas

UNITESS AMBIENT radio-frequency USB receiver is a short-range device (SRD), which reads the data from thermo hygrometers.

This wireless USB receiver leverages industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio bands. Such portions of the radio spectrum can be used for any purpose and without a license.

USB receiver is used to:

  • Receive the RF channel information from THB1 thermo hygrometers (almost unlimited quantity);
  • Transfer information to a PC via USB;
  • Transmit control and setting commands to thermo hygrometers.

The product can only work in the mode of receiving information.



USB receiver specifications



DC power supply (via USB 2.0)

5 V

Сurrent consumption

50 mA

Maximum current consumption

100 mA

Power consumption 

0,5 W

Receiver sensitivity, 0.1% BER

-148 dBm

Transmitter power

14 (25) dBm (mW)

Coverage radius in an urban areas

400 m

Time operation mode


Degree of protection


Connection interface

USB 2.0

Antenna type 868 MHz


83 х 61 х 23 mm

Antenna length 165 mm
Antenna connector type SMA


0.15 kg


Technical characteristics of radio channel

Рarameter Description
Radio communications technology Low-power LoRa
Frequency 868 MH
Bandwidth 125, 250, 500 kHz
Standards compliance EN 300 220-2 v2.4.1
EN 301 489-3 v1.6.1
Safety Standards EN 300 220-1-2011

This product can also be used as part of the indoor climate monitoring system UNITESS AMBIENT in order to increase the system coverage map.