Medicinal Products

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Compliance with the appropriate storage and transportation conditions is vital for ensuring the high quality of medicinal products.

Shelf life dates are based on ideal storage conditions — meaning maintaining the quality of goods until the end of the shelf life is important both in terms of customer success and saving resources.

GMP/GSP (Good Storage Practice) requirements for monitoring storage conditions:

  • Temperature monitoring data should be available for review.
  • The equipment used for monitoring should be checked at suitable predetermined intervals; the results of such checks should be recorded and retained.
  • All monitoring records should be kept for at least the shelf life of the stored materials or products plus one year — or as required by national legislation.
  • Temperature mapping should show uniformity of the temperature across the storage facility. It’s recommended to locate temperature monitors in areas that are most likely to show fluctuations.

Equipment used for monitoring should be calibrated at defined intervals.

The quality of medicinal products should be carefully maintained during transportation. Avoid unsuitable temperature, humidity, lighting, and other inappropriate conditions.

To maintain the quality of thermolabile medicinal products, the required temperature levels should be maintained during the entire period of transportation. The temperature conditions during transportation shall be checked upon delivery.

The UNITESS AMBIENT monitoring system offers software and a special product line that fully cover the monitoring of medicinal products during storage and transportation.


Real Time Temperature Monitoring