Storage of dairy products is one of the most difficult logistical task. The main problem is the short shelf life of milk and its derivatives under normal temperature conditions.  In addition, an excessive drop in temperature also negatively affects the quality of the product.

Therefore, refrigerated warehouses for the storage of dairy products must meet sufficiently stringent technical and sanitary requirements.


Dairy products storage and transportation


The recommended temperature for transporting dairy products is 2 ... 4 ° C. However, in the period from April to September transportation is allowed at +6 ° C. There is also a tolerance of up to +8 ° C when transporting milk from dairies to catering and shopping facilities.

Temperature, along with acidity, should be noted in the consignment note.


The UNITESS AMBIENT monitoring system consists of software and a product line that completely covers the task of monitoring the conditions of storage and transportation of dairy products.